Chef Chakall visits Quintas de Óbidos

Chef Chakall visits the Quintas de Óbidos Country Club.
Chef Chakall and Miguel AbreuOn the photo:
Chakall and Miguel Abreu

Chef Chakall is a traveller, a cook and passionate about what he does. Maybe not exactly in that order but only he can say: a man who loves travelling to distant places and discovering new flavours. Someone who is passionate about cuisine and the countries he visits. A chef who cooks and travels with passion.

His trademark is his turban instead of the traditional Chef’s hat. The turban gives him inspiration and concentration to cook the wonderful delicacies that we all love. His strong Argentinean accent together with his flair for cooking and his unique sense of humour are characteristics that single him out in international cuisine, which today recognizes him and requests him. Chef Chakall is now well known in Germany, France, Spain, China, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, amongst others.

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